Long Service Award

In recognition of long service to the Society or a Centre of the Society, the Council decided to institute the Long Service Award.

Recipients of the Long Service Award

  1. J Churms (1984)
  2. R F Hurly (1988)
  3. H E Krumm (1993)
  4. C R G Turk (2000)
  5. J Hers (2002)
  6. T P Cooper (2008)
  7. P J Booth (2009)
  8. B D Fraser (2011)
  9. A Slotegraaf (2012)
  10. M Soltynski (2014)


2014 Long Service Award to Maciej Soltynski: Upon the recommendation of this Society Maciej Soltynski has been awarded a Long Service Award in appreciation for his many valuable contributions made to furthering ASSA interests over 25 years.