Council and Officers

The ASSA Council serves as the umbrella body for the autonomous Centres of the Society. Council members, officers and collaborators are:

ASSA Council

  • President: Case Rijsdijk
  • Vice President: Dr Pierre de Villiers
  • Vice President: Chris Stewart
  • Honorary Treasurer: Adv A J Nel
  • Honorary Secretary: Lerika Cross
  • Membership Secretary: Bosman Olivier
  • Council members: Dr Ian Glass
  • Bloemfontein Centre Chair: Prof Matie Hoffman
  • Cape Centre Chair: Eddie Nijeboer
  • Durban Centre Chair: Mike Hadlow
  • Garden Route Centre Chair: Case Rijsdijk
  • Hermanus Centre Chair: Dr Pierre de Villiers
  • Johannesburg Centre Chair: Jerome Jooste
  • Pretoria Centre Chair: Johan Smit
  • Midlands Centre Chair: Steffan Devos

ASSA Appointees

  • MNASSA Editor: Case Rijsdijk
  • MNASSA Assistant Editor: Dr Ian Glass
  • MNASSA Book Review Editor: Maciej Soltynski
  • MNASSA Layout Editor: Willie Koorts
  • Sky Guide Editor: Auke Slotegraaf
  • Sky Guide Assistant Editor: Dr Ian Glass
  • Web Manager: James Smith
  • Webmaster: Vacant
  • SAAO Liaison for Website: Dr Christian Hettlage
  • Convener of Scholarships: Dr Claire Flanagan
  • ASSA Observing Director: Kos Coronaios
  • ASSA Communications Director: Case Rijsdijk
  • ASSA Outreach Officer: Kos Coronianos
  • ASSA Archivist: Chris de Coning

Section Directors

  • Shallow Sky: Clyde Foster
  • Deep-Sky: Auke Slotegraaf
  • Double and Variable Stars: Dave Blane
  • Photometry, Spectroscopy: Percy Jacobs
  • Cosmology and Astrophysics: Maciej Soltynski
  • Southern African Astronomy History: Chris de Coning
  • Dark Sky: Council to consider options in due course
  • Imaging Section: Allen Versfeld
  • Instrumentation: Chris Stewart

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