Cape Centre

Cape Centre members at the Iziko:Planetarium

Formal meetings with guest speakers – mostly professional astronomers and academics in related fields – on astronomy-related topics are held monthly on the second Wednesday (except in December and January). On the fourth week of the month, talks are presented by members. A quiz on astronomy-related topics is held every second month and ad hoc evenings feature practical demonstrations, short courses and documentary films. Visitors are welcome to attend meetings, which start at 20:00 and are held in the SAAO Auditorium, Observatory Road, Observatory, Cape Town. Activities also include dark sky outings, field trips and public outreach.

Eddy Nijeboer (Chair)
Christian Hettlage (Vice Chair)
Wendy Vermeulen (Hon. Secretary)
Gerhard van der Poll (Hon. Treasurer)
Greg Roberts (Librarian)
Marius Reitz (Dark Sky Officer)
Richard Sessions (Equipment Curator)
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Address: SAAO, c/o Cape Centre of the ASSA, P.O. Box 9, Observatory, 7935
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Twitter:  @CapeCentre