Johannesburg Centre

Johannesburg Centre Meetings (in-person and live streamed) are held on the second Wednesday of each month, excluding December (which is usually a social event), at 19:30. The venue is the Johannesburg Observatory, 18A Gill Street, Observatory, Johannesburg. Public observing sessions with a social component are held from time to time. The Centre has two medium-sized observatories housing four telescopes, several medium-sized mobile telescopes and has the use of the 26.5-inch Innes Telescope. Visitors are welcome.

Committee (2023-2024) : Carmel Ives (Chair), Frans van Nieuwkerk (Vice-Chair; Librarian), Alison Coulter (Treasurer; IT & Website), Tessa Collins (Secretary), John Lindsay-Smith and Andy Overbeek (Instrumentation), Michelle Freeman (Communications), Adam Gardee and Shereen Gardee (Membership), Michael Pote, Etsuo Takayagani, Giulia Barr. Newsletter: Canopus.

Contact details
Address: 18a Gill Street, Observatory, Johannesburg [-26.18342, 28.07487]