Solar Section

Section Director: Jacques van Delft
Activity areas: Solar
Publications: Solar Bulletins
Collaborators: Andrew Devey (BAA/MSAS), Mick Nicholls (BAA/MSAS)
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Welcome to the ASSA Solar Section

The Sun, our closest star, is a dynamic variable. The 11-year solar cycle reveals ever-changing activities e.g. sunspots, prominences, filaments,  and flares. These activities can be observed with relatively small telescopes equipped with special filters.

WARNING: Never look at the Sun without taking proper precautions. Permanent blindness can result from the briefest look through binoculars or a telescope.

The ASSA Solar Section is looking for enthusiastic astronomers who want to participate in solar observation. Member’s observations of sunspot counts, solar images, etc., will be published in our solar bulletin, which is shared internationally.

Find out all you need to know about observing the Sun safely.

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