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Observing highlights for February 2024

2024 February 16: The Moon occults the Seven Sisters

On the evening of Feb 16, the Moon moves through the stars of the Pleiades (Messier 45). The series of occultations start late in the evening and will be widely seen across southern Africa. A telescope will show a fascinating view as many stars are blinked out by the Moon’s dark limb.

During February, Venus and Mars can be seen in the morning sky before sunrise. The pair have a close approach on Feb 22. With some luck, Mercury can also be spotted early in the month.
Venus, Mars and Mercury are visible in the east during the first half of February. Venus is the brilliant Morning Star this month. Look for Venus near the Moon, at noon, on Feb 07. In the pre-dawn sky, Venus starts the month above Mars, drawing closer together each evening. During the last week of February, Venus is below Mars. Mercury lies below the pair moving steadily sunward each day. It remains visible for the first half of February, thereafter slipping into the solar glare heading for conjunction on Feb 28.

After sunset, Jupiter is prominent; binoculars will pick up Uranus and Neptune. Jupiter shines brightly in the north-west throughout the month as the Evening Star. Saturn can be seen for the first few days of the month.

Further details appear in the 2024 edition of the Sky Guide.

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