Report a Sighting

Report a sighting

If you've seen something curious in the sky and are wondering what it was, please report your observation and our Team will try and solve the mystery. The more details you include, the better. Remember to include the date and time, your location (GPS coordinates if possible), how the object moved relative to compass points and the horizon, how bright it was (relative to the bright stars or Moon), how long the event lasted, if any colours were seen, and if any sounds were heard.
  • If you have an astronomy question that is not about a sighting or an observation you've made, you may want to use the Ask an Astronomer page instead.


If you find something which looks like a meteorite, download “Meteorites-ASSA” here
Download “Government Gazette – The Meteorite Act” here

Previous sightings

Visit the Report a Sighting archives page for previous sightings.

Did you see a fireball?

Did you perhaps observe a fireball (a meteor event with brightness equal to or greater than visual magnitude -3)?

Meteor Information

Download the standardised Fireball Report Form, fill in as many of the details as you can, and e-mail it to the Shallow Sky Section Director, who will pass it on to the Meteor Specialist.