Astrophotography Section

Section Director: Martin Heigan
Activity areas: Astrophotography, Video-astrophotography
Specialists & Collaborators: Dale Liebenberg, Brett du Preez, Hannes Pieterse, Jerome Jooste, Kos Coronaios, Martin Lyons, Gary Els, Neil Viljoen
Contact us: [ ]
ASSA Photo Gallery: Astrophoto Gallery
Archives: AstroSocSA on Flickr


The current ASSA Big 5 of the African Sky Challenge in partnership with , is closing 30 June 2023

The Astrophotography Section will gladly assist with any queries relating to photography and astronomical imaging.

Share your photographs

Photographers are invited to share their images with the ASSA Astrophotography Section. All images will be added to the ASSA Image Archive, which can be browsed on the Gallery page.  Send an e-mail to [ ] containing a description of the equipment used, settings, a description of the processing process, and any other relevant information.  Don’t forget to also describe target, and include the image as an attachment.  Make sure that the image is as high a quality as you can fit in an email, so as to best show off your work!

Astrophotography Section Contact List

Stay up to date by subscribing to the Astrophotography Section Contact List. This is a low volume mailing list, that is used to share relevant Astrophotography news and events with the Astrophotography community in Southern Africa.

Astrophotography Challenges

The Astrophotography Section of ASSA regularly challenges its members to capture specific images. To see how people did in earlier challenges, click here.

Understanding Astrophotography

If you have never taken photos of the night sky, or would like to understand the processes behind astrophotography, we are busy working on a Guide to Astrophotography

Awards and Certificates

Every year, the section director has the option of recognising the efforts of South African astrophotographers by bestowing awards and certificates.  To see who the past winners have been, click here.

FInd out more

  • Getting started in astrophotography
  • Video-astrophotography
  • Earth-and-sky
  • Planets
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Deep-sky

External resources

  • QCUIAG Yahoo Group: An international group of astronomers producing astronomical images with unconventional electronic imaging devices such as modified webcams, video surveillance cameras and digital cameras.
  • The Astro Imaging Channel: Weekly Astrophotography tutorials and discussions.
  • A random APOD!