Hermanus Centre

ASSA HermanusMonthly meetings are held on the third Monday of each month, currently on ZOOM by invitation, logging in from 18h30. Other monthly meetings include the Cosmology Group (on the first Monday) and the Astrophotography Group (second Monday), currently on ZOOM, logging in from 18h30. Sidewalk astronomy, kindly refer to the website calendar (i.e. www.hermanusastronomy.co.za). Other stargazing sessions are presented on request.


Chair: Derek Duckitt
Vice-Chair: Pierre de Villiers
Treasure: Elaine Sykes
Secretary: Peter Harvey
Outreach: Mick Fynn
Speakers: Pieter Kotze

Non-committee members with roles
Membership: Johan Retief
Astrophotography: Deon Krige

Address: PO Box 2, Hermanus 7200
Newsletter: The Southern Cross (Derek Duckitt)
Contact: [ infohermanusastronomy.co.za ] or “Contact us”

Regular Centre activities

Cosmology – 1st Monday; ZOOM, by invitation
Typically view & discuss professional DVD’s (recent viewings: The History of the Universe,
a 17 part series).
Astrophotography – 2nd Monday; ZOOM, by invitation
Monthly meeting – 3rd Monday; ZOOM, by invitation
Study Group – last Monday; ZOOM, by invitation
Stargazing – as arranged, weather and moon dependant; kindly refer to the website calendar
Outreach – as arranged from time to time.