Hermanus Centre

ASSA HermanusMonthly meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month from 19:00 at the South African National Space Agency (SANSA). Other monthly meetings include the Cosmology Group (on the first Monday), Beginners Astronomy (second Monday), and the Astrophotography Group (third Monday). Sidewalk astronomy sessions are held every alternate month at Gearing’s Point on the first Friday and Saturday after New Moon. Other stargazing sessions are presented on request. MONET and Las Cumbres observing sessions with learners are conducted throughout the year. The Youth Astronomy & Space Club meets at SANSA on the second or third Friday immediately after school.

Officers: Pierre de Villiers, Derek Duckitt, Lynette Geldenhuys, Peter Harvey, Pierre Hugo, Deon Krige, Laura Norris, John Saunders
Address: PO Box 267, Voëlklip, Hermanus 7200
Website: [ http://www.hermanusastronomy.co.za ]
Newsletter: The Southern Cross (Jenny Morris)
Contact: [ infohermanusastronomy.co.za ] or “Contact us” page

Regular Centre activities

1st Monday: Cosmology Interest Group

Typically view & discuss professional DVD’s (Mark Whittle: Cosmology – The History & Nature of our Universe; Richard Wolfson – Physics & Our Universe; Alex Filippenko: Understanding the Universe, Black Holes). Attendance: 25% of membership (80).

2nd Monday: Beginners Astronomy

2013: Viewed 1 or 2 Alex Fileppenko’s DVD’s; Discussion of “What’s Up” this season (Binocular Guide to the Southern Skies) & my binocular observation notes; Naked eye & Binocular viewing (weather permitting)
2014: Internet “Observation” Course with guides & tasks to “self-observation” at home
Observation notes comparison on the “best night” (weather-wise) during the week in which the observation target is optimally observable (Moon, Jupiter, DSO’s). Attendance: 15% of membership.

2nd Thursday: Monthly meeting

Brief summary of the past & next month’s Centre activities; Guest Speaker [50% Centre members]. Attendance: 25 – 30% of membership.

3rd Monday: Astrophotography Interest Group

Discuss the photographic equipment, recording & image processing techniques for astrophotography. Attendance: 5% of membership.

Sidewalk: 1st Fri/Sat after New Moon

Sidewalk Astronomy at Gearing’s Point (above Old Harbour) for the public (weather permitting); 3 – 5 telescopes + binoculars to observe “what’s up” tonight. Attendance: 6 – 60 (Had 20 overseas visitors in December).

Every 2nd Wednesday: “Relativity” Interest Group

View & discuss DVD’s, Leonard Suskind Lectures & the like. Attendance: 4 – 6 members.

Every 2nd Friday afternoon: Youth Club

At, and in collaboration with, SANSA (South African National Space Agency); Youth Club activities like games, simple presentation and Q&A Session, which is very successful. Outing to the Science Centre, Noon Gun, Planetarium & Observatory on 9th Nov for the 16 learners and 2 teachers from Lukhanyo Primary in Zwelihle, Hermanus. Most of the learners have not been to Cape Town before.