Early publications

Over the years, the Society has been responsible for, or involved with, several astronomical publications. These include:

  1. Astronomical Handbook (1946-2003)
  2. Circulars and Journals (1918-1939)
  3. Comets in old Cape Records (Donald McIntyre, 1949)
  4. Two Items of Astronomical Africana (David S. Evans, 1952)
  5. Sir John Herschel at the Cape 1834–1838 ()
  6. An astronomical bi-centenary: the Abbé de Lacaille’s visit to the Cape, 1751-1753 (Donald McIntyre, 1951)
  7. A Universal Sundial: Description of an Instrument which Can be Constructed and Set Up by Anyone So as to Give Correct Time in All Countries (J. K. E. Halm, 1924)
  8. Star Atlas (A.W. Long)

J K E Halm’s Universal Sundial

“Another very useful and popular publication of the Society is A Universal Sundial by Dr J K E Halm. This is a description of the universal sundial invented by the Author, with full instructions regarding its construction. … The sundial is of very simple construction, consisting of two pieces of wood at right angles, on which are pasted two diagrams marked with hour lines. The diagrams are supplied with the pamphlet. The style which casts the shadow consists of a thread, on which are two beads, whose shadow enables the observer to erect the sundial to suit any latitude. The book is in constant demand, and the Society benefits to the extent of half the profits made on its sale.” (Long 1930:171)

A W Long’s Star Atlas

“… a Star Atlas for the use of beginners in the Southern Hemisphere with useful notes. This is the first and only Atlas to be produced altogether in the Southern Hemisphere. The Atlas was published at a popular price, just sufficient to cover the cost of production and to bring it within the reach of everyone. The financial risk involved was undertaken by the author. … The first edition was quickly sold out and a second edition has since been published by Juta & Co.” (Long 1930:171)

Sir Harold Spencer Jones, then Editor of the Journal, commented in a footnote on page 180:

“Mr Long’s… Star Atlas for southern latitudes is a standard work which has reached a second edition … Mr Long’s star maps are also to be found in Philip’s New Large Print Atlas for South Africa…”

Long A W (1930) The Foundation and Development of the Astronomical Society of South Africa. Journal of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa, 2, 153. [1930JASSA…2..153L]