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Tom Lloyd Evans (1941 – 2014)

Tom Lloyd Evans (ASSA Honorary Member and past President) died on Thursday, 2014 June 12, aged 73. (obituary notice)

Comet C/2012 K1 (PANSTARRS)

Comet C/2012 K1 (PANSTARRS) is currently visible in the southern sky, and well-placed for observing.  (find out more)

2014 Symposium

The 10th ASSA Symposium will be held from 25–27 September 2014 at the Hotel School of the Durban University of Technology. The theme for this year is “South African Astronomy – Beyond SALT and SKA” and the event is hosted by the ASSA Durban Centre. The cost is R 550 p.p. The keynote speaker at the opening session is Prof Ahmed Bawa, vice-chancellor of the Durban University of Technology. Find out more by reading the invitation and visiting the ASSA Symposium 2014 website.

What's up this June

What's up

Between the 1st and 30th of June, the Sun has moved 1.2° northward and the length of the day has decreased by 6.2 minutes. The winter solstice is on June 21. New Moon is on Friday, June 27 and Full Moon is on Friday, June 13. Mercury is between the Sun …

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An overview of upcoming celestial and ASSA-related events appears on the Events page. Details about these and other astronomical events will be found in the Sky Guide, the astronomical handbook for Southern Africa, available from leading book sellers.

Scholarships for 2014 awarded

ScholarshipHoldersThe ASSA Scholarship for 2014 has been awarded to Freya Bovim, and the SAAO-ASSA Scholarships have been awarded to Verlon Etsebeth, Dean De Villiers and Francois Botha. (find out more)

2014 Highlights

Recent sightings

Browse the “Report A Sighting” archives for ongoing investigations of recent sightings, including those by Grant B. (2014 Jan 02), Albie M., Isabel R. & Alex A. (2013 Dec 31), and Alison F. (2013 Dec 21). (browse archive)