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Nightfall #1 available
Published 2015 Mar 25
The newsletter of the Deep-Sky Section — Nightfall — is now available as a free download. The curious E3, an exploration of the Unicorn, the birth of a deep-sky marathon, and an inside look at a veteran observer’s process, are some of the highlights in this edition. (find out more)

How to see Lacaille’s deep-sky objects
Published 2015 Mar 12
In the early 1750s Abbe Nicholas Louis de la Caille visited Cape Town and compiled the first list of southern deep-sky objects. Since his telescope had a lens only 12mm in diameter, modern-day binoculars will show much more than he saw. Visit the Lacaille Catalogue page and re-trace the Abbe’s steps. (find out more)

Astrophotography Challenge: Two planets and a crescent Moon
Published 2015 Feb 10
This month’s challenge: there will be a nice tight grouping of the Moon, Venus and Mars on 20 February shortly after sunset. The three objects will just about fit within a six degree field of view, and are all quite bright, so this challenge is suitable for just about any level of equipment and skill. (find out more)

Double Star news for February
Published 2015 Feb 02
The February 2015 double star of the month is HJ 3683 in Dorado, described by Sir John Herschel as a “very fine” object. (find out more)

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