Gill Medal

The Gill Medal, which is struck in silver, is awarded by Council for services to astronomy with special consideration to services in southern Africa. It was established in 1955 April and was first awarded in 1956 to Harold Knox Shaw. The most recent recipient (2011) is Dr Darragh O’Donoghue. (find out more)

McIntyre Award

The ASSA Council resolved to establish a prize to be known as the McIntyre Award derived from the interest on the bequest made to the Society by the late Donald G. McIntyre of Cape Town, President of the Society 1933-1934. The most recent recipient (2019) is Magda Streicher. (find out more)

Overbeek Medal

The Overbeek Medal is to be given to any amateur ASSA member who has had his/her observational astronomy published in a recognized astronomical journal, including the Monthly Notes of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa, MNASSA. The citation to indicate for what the award is made. (find out more)

Long Service Awards

In recognition of long service to the Society or a Centre of the Society, the Council decided to institute the Long Service Award. The most recent recipient (2014) is Maciej Soltynski.  (find out more)

Honorary Members

Honorary members are persons who have rendered special service to astronomy and / or to the Society. The newest Honorary Member is Chris Stewart. (find out more)

President’s Awards

The President’s Award is a certificate awarded by Council – acting upon written motivation made by a Council Member or Appointee – to a member making exceptional contributions to furthering the aims of the Society. The most recent recipient (2018) is Magda Streicher for her contribution to MNASSA on 88 Constellations over the past 15 years. (Find out more…)

Director’s Observing Commendation

The Director’s Commendation is an award made by a Section Director to a member for making and reporting useful observations considered worthy of an advanced certificate of merit. (Find out more…)

Merit Award

A Merit Award is awarded to a member for performing a particularly meritorious service to the Society, above and beyond that individual’s regular duties and tasks on behalf of the Society. The most recent recipient (2014) is Auke Slotegraaf. (Find out more…)

Observing Certificate

An Observing Certificate is an award made by a Director of an Observing Section to a member for making and reporting observations made during at least three observing sessions. (Find out more…)

Section Certificate

A Section Certificate is an award made by a Director of a Section to a member in acknowledgement of a significant contribution made to the work of that Section. The most recent recipient is Greg Roberts, who earned an Historical Section Certificate in 2016.


ASSA awards, and administers, the ASSA Scholarships and the SAAO – ASSA Scholarships.