President’s Award

The President’s Award is a certificate awarded by Council – acting upon written motivation made by a Council Member or Appointee – to a member making exceptional contributions to furthering the aims of the Society. Council may at its discretion confer additional benefit to the award recipient. The proposer will write the citation to go with the Award, which is to be presented at the Society’s AGM. The names of all recipients will be published in MNASSA, the annual SkyGuide, and the ASSA website. The President’s Award will be signed by the ASSA President. The Award was formally establish in July 2014 (see below).

Recipients of the President’s Award

  • Ronnie Glass (2019) “for his contribution as ASSA’s Independent Compiler.”
  • Magda Streicher (2018) “for her contribution to MNASSA on 88 Constellations over the past 15 years.”
  • Chris Stewart (2014) “for his contribution to the art of telescope making in South Africa for a period of 20 years.”


President’s Awards prior to 2014

Prior to the 2014 Annual General Meeting, the President’s Award was specifically an observing certificate, awarded by Council, acting upon written motivations made by a Section Director, to a member making really exceptional multiple observations. The Section Director wrote the citation to go with the award, which was to be presented at the Society’s AGM.

Recipients of the President’s Award (Observing)

  • Willie Koorts (2012)
  • Magda Streicher (2011, Deep Sky Section)
  • Auke Slotegraaf (2009, Education and Public Outreach)
  • Brian Fraser (2007, Occultations Section)
  • Lerika Cross (2007, ScopeX)
  • Berto Monard (2007, Supernova search programme)
  • Tim Cooper (2006, Variable Star Section)
  • Jan Hers (2006, Variable Star Section)
  • Raymond Jones (2006, Variable Star Section)
  • Christopher Middleton (2006, Variable Star Section)
  • Berto Monard (2006, Variable Star Section)
  • Danie Overbeek (2006, Variable Star Section)
  • Jan Smit (2006, Variable Star Section)
  • Mike Begbie (2006, Comet and Meteor Section)
  • Tim Cooper (2006, Comet and Meteor Section)
  • Auke Slotegraaf (2006, Deep Sky Section)
  • Jannie Smit (2006, Occultation Section)
  • Cliff Turk (2006, Occultation Section)
  • Tim Cooper (2006, Occultation Section)