Pretoria Centre

Pretoria Centre members explore Tswaing meteorite crater

Monthly meetings, open to both members and non-members, are held on the fourth Wednesday at the CBC School, Pretoria Road, Silverton at 19:15. Informal observing sessions are held on the Friday evening preceding the monthly meeting at 18:30 at the Centre’s observatory situated on the CBC grounds, weather permitting. The observatory houses a 30-cm reflecting telescope. In addition to the monthly practical sessions, occasional observing sessions are arranged to observe specific events as these occur.

Chairman: Johan Smit
Vice Chairman: Michael Poll
Secretary: Tony Viljoen
Treasurer: Michelle Ferreira
Webmaster and Library: Danie Barnardo
Asst Librarian: Michael Moller
Events Co-ordinator: Michael Moller
Asst Webmaster: Bosman Oliver
Observing Director: Percy Jacobs
PRO: Fred Oosthuizen
Newsletter Editor: Pierre Lourens
Address: 1022 Koos Smal Rd, Eldoraigne, 0157
Website: [ ]