Observing Certificates

An Observing Certificate is an award made by a Director of an Observing Section to a member for making and reporting observations made during at least three observing sessions. The Section Director will write the citation to go with the Certificate, which is to be presented at a suitable time and place of the Director’s choosing. Council is to be informed of all recipients before the Society’s AGM and their names will be published on the ASSA website. The Certificate will be signed by the Section Director and the ASSA Observing Director. Observing Certificates were formally established in 2000 (see MNASSA, Vol 59, p 50) and revised in July 2014.

Recipients of Observing Certificates

Comet & Meteors: Mike Begbie, Jacques Van Delft, Dudley Field, Brian Fraser, Mauritz Geyser, Trevor Gould, Karen Kock, Gerrit Penning, Jan Plomp, Michael Poll, Ronel Du Preez, David Pringle-Wood, Auke Slotegraaf, Andre van Staden, Herman Wiegers, Mia Zeelie, Koos van Zyl.

Deep-sky: Tony Jones, Magda Strecher, Gerrit Penning, Ronel du Preez, John Gill.

Double Stars: Christopher Middleton, Magda Streicher.

Variable Stars: Tom Lloyd-Evans, Hugh Lund, Andrew McCrae, Jan Plomp, Michael Poll, Michael Begbie, Johan de Villiers, Chris de Villiers, Mauritz Geyser, Johannes Jooste, Nico Kriek.

2016 ASSA Top-100 Marathon: Dave Blane, Louis Lombaard, John Maynier, Andy Overbeek, Percy Jacobs.

Solar and Sunspot: Richard Ford.