Honorary Members

Honorary members will be persons who have rendered special service to astronomy and / or to the Society. The nominated person does not necessarily have to be a member of the Society or of a Local Centre. Any Member of the Society may nominate a person for Honorary Membership. The number of Honorary members shall not exceed fifteen at any one time. (ASSA Constitution)

Honorary Members of the Society

  1. J da S.Campos (1992)
  2. M Begbie (2000)
  3. M W Feast (2001)
  4. T Lloyd Evans (2001)
  5. C R G Turk (2001)
  6. A Slotegraaf (2002)
  7. T P Cooper (2005)
  8. J P G Cramb (2008)
  9. M G Soltynski (2008)
  10. C Rijsdijk (2009)
  11. M Streicher (2009)
  12. R Glass (2011)
  13. I S Glass (2016)
  14. C Stewart (2017)
  15. G Heymann (1986)


  1. Award of Honorary Membership to Mr Rupert Hurly [1999MNSSA..58..103A]
  2. Honorary Membership for Jan Hers [1997MNSSA..56..105A]
  3. Honorary Membership for Chris Papadopoulos [1987MNSSA..46…65A]
  4. Elections: Honorary Membership [1958MNSSA..17..114A]
  5. Election of Prof G Heymann as Honorary Member [1986MNSSA..45…69A]
  6. Honorary Membership (Editorial) [1949MNSSA…8…18A], [1980MNASSAC…..28A]