Honorary Members

Honorary members will be persons who have rendered special service to astronomy and / or to the Society. The nominated person does not necessarily have to be a member of the Society or of a Local Centre. Any Member of the Society may nominate a person for Honorary Membership.

Important information regarding Honorary Members:

  • The Constitution states that there should not be more than 15 members.
  • Honorary Members are not eligible for Long Service Awards.
  • In recognition of its past and present services to the Society, the Royal Cape Observatory shall be regarded as an honorary member of the Society, as will all its individual staff members, for the purpose of determining their publication privileges.
  • Honorary Members used to receive the “Sky and Telescope”
  • The Honorary Members before 1948 is not listed here.

Honorary Members of the Society

  1. J. da S.Campos (1992)
  2. M. Begbie (2000)
  3. C. R. G. Turk (2001)
  4. A. Slotegraaf (2002)
  5. T. P. Cooper (2005)
  6. J. P. G. Cramb (2008)
  7. M. G. Soltynski (2008)
  8. C. Rijsdijk (2009)
  9. M. Streicher (2009)
  10. R. Glass (2011)
  11. I. S. Glass (2016)
  12. C. Stewart (2017)

Past Honorary Members

Dr. R. v d R Wooley (1949-86)
Mr. J.H. Oort (1949-92)
Mr. A.F.I. Forbes (1958-59)
Dr. R.O. Redman: (1959-76)
Sir Harold Spencer Jones (1959-61)
Dr. W.H. van den Bos (1959-74)
Dr. J. Schilt (1959-86)
Dr. H. Knox-Shaw (1959-70)
Dr. H.L. Alden (1959-65)
Dr. H. Shapley (1959-73)
Dr. J. Jackson (1959-59)
Mr. A.F.I. Forbes (1959-59)
Prof. H. Haffner (1959-75)
Mr. D.G. McIntyre (1960-66)
Dr. W.S. Finsen (1965-79)
Prof. D. Velghe (1965-87)
Prof. C. Fehrenbach (1965-2011)
Dr. D.S. Evans (1969-2005)
Mr. R.P. de Kock (1969-80)
Prof. A.E. Bleksley (1969-85)
Dr. R.H. Stoy (1969-94)
Dr. A.W.H. Cousins (1978-2001)
Mr. H.E. Krumm (1978-2001)
Dr. A.J. Wesselink (1978-96)
Mr. M.D. Overbeek (1978-2001)
Mr. A. Menzies (1981-88)
Mr. G. Orphen (1981-97)
Mr. W.C. Bentley (1984-98)
Dr. G. Heymann (1986-2005)
Mr. C. Papadopoulos (1987-92)
Mr. J.C. Bennett (1989-90)
Mr. W.P. Hirst (1992-94)
Dr. K.G. Fuhr (1992-94)
Mr. J. Hers (1997-2010)
Mr. R. Hurley (1999-2005)
Mr. M.A. Gray (2000-19)
Mr. C.D. Gray (2000-04)
Dr. T. Lloyd Evans (2000-15)
Prof. M.W. Feast (2001-19)
Dr. T Loyd Evans (2001-14)
Dr. J Mattei (2003-03)*
Mr. P Smits (2007-08)*
Ms. P.J. Booth (2008 – 15?)

* The names of Peter Smits and Janet Mattei never appeared in the handbook as they were elected Honorary Members but died before the next Handbook / Skyguide was published.


The information was sourced from the following sources:

  • Minutes of Meetings of A.S.S.A. For practical reasons the search was limited to type written minutes on which digital search functions work, starting in 1956.
  • Handbook of  A.S.S.A. dating back to the 1948 issue.
  • Skyguide of A.S.S.A.
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