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The Society is governed by the constitution. The Centres of A.S.S.A. does not have their own constitutions as they fall under the Constitution of Council.The Constitution has undergone a series of change and revisions. The Archive does not have a copy of all the revisions.
Precursor Constitution 1921

  • Constitution for A.S.S.A. before it was founded. (I have no explanation for this except that interested parties wanted constitutional matters clarified before committing to the Society)   Mentions C.A.A. (Source: S.A.A.O. Archive; Royal Observatory Cape of Good Hope; S – Societies; 1907 – 1928.)



  • Revised: Copy is damaged / incomplete
    (Source: A.S.S.A. Archive; Box “Constitution”)


  • Revised: April 1954 ?
  • Amended: June 1956 (Source: A.S.S.A. Archive; Box “Constitution”)
  • Reprint: 1958 (Source: A.S.S.A. Archive; Box “ASSA Council 1960’s”)
  • Amended: July 1962
  • Amended: July 1967
  • Amended: June 1970
  • Amended: Nov 1971 (Source: A.S.S.A. Archive; Box “Constitution”)



2010 Current Constitution

 Minutes of the meetings.
The documents are part of the Archive of A.S.S.A. The original documents of the digital copies available here are curated on behalf of A.S.S.A. by the Special Collections Archive of the University of Cape Town. The original documents can be viewed by appointment. The A.S.S.A. manuscripts are indexed as BC1506
The Council Minutes are bound in a series of books which were digitized.

Twentieth Century
1920’s; 1930’s; 1940’s; 1950’s; 1960’s; 1970’s; 1980’s; 1990’s

Twenty First Century
2000; 2010

The minutes of the last ten years are not available to the public.

Housed at the Archive of the South African Astronomical Observatory (S.A.A.O.) is a book containing the correspondence of the Cape Astronomical Association (C.A.A.) as well as A.S.S.A. Following below are the correspondence for A.S.S.A. The rest of the correspondence can be found at the C.A.A. main page.
Source: S.A.A.O. Archive; Royal Observatory Cape of Good Hope; S – Societies; 1907 – 1928. Image
List of documents:
Date of letter in brackets.


015:                 Letter> Hough to Schonegevel – re Holcroft observations of Moon. (1922/9/28)
016:                 Letter> Hough to Holcroft – re ASSA. (1922/9/28)
017:                 Letter> Pilling to Mackenzie – copy of Earthquake on Chile for publication (1923/1/17)
018:                 Letter> Mackenzie to Pilling – request list of occultations (1923/6/5)
019:                 Letter> Pilling to Mackenzie – list of occultations (1923/6/9)
020:                 Letter> Halm to Reid – question sighting on Magnetic storm on the Moon. (1923/6/11)
021 a/b:           Letter> Halm to Schonegevel – death of Hough (1923/7/12)
022:                 Letter> Halm to Long – details of publication (1923/10/20)
023 a/b:           Letter> Innes to Houghton – proposal to form a South African National Astronomical Committee (SANAC) as integral part of the International Astronomical Union. Include proposal from Long (1924/7/29)
024:                 Letter> Spencer Jones to Houghton – SANAC (1924/11/8)
025 a/b:           Page 1: Proposed draft report on SANAC (attached to 024)
026:                 Page 2: Proposed draft report on SANAC (attached to 024)
027 a/b:           Letter> Innes to Houghton – Another copy of 023 a/b
028 a/b/c:         Letter> Spencer Jones to Long – proposal SANAC (1924/11/8)
029 a/b:           Letter> Innes to Houghton – Another copy of 023 a/b
030:                 Letter> Houghton to Spencer Jones – reply to proposal (1924/11/11)
031:                 Letter> Reid to Spencer Jones – details of proposal (1924/11/13)
032:                 Letter> Long to Spencer Jones – details of proposal (1924/11/13)
033:                 Letter> Spencer Jones to Long – details of proposal (1924/11/21)
034:                 Letter> Spencer Jones to Houghton – details of proposal (1924/11/21)
035:                 copy of 026
036 a/b/c:         Letter> Spencer Jones to Jolly – proposal ASSA on SANAC to Royal Society Minutes (1925/3/30)
037 a/b:           Letter> Crawford to Spencer Jones – SANAC (1925/3/29)
038:                 Letter> Spencer Jones to Crawford – SANAC (1925/4/1)
039:                 Letter> Halm to Houghton – Universal Sun Dial (1925/8/5)
040:                 Letter> Spencer Jones to Long – publication details (1925/10/27)
041 a/b:           Letter> Strachan to Spencer Jones – publication enquiry for article on sundial (1925/12/3)
042:                 Letter> Spencer Jones to Strachan – approval of article (1925/12/10)
043 a/b:           Letter> Strachan to Spencer Jones – publication details (1925/12/13)
044:                 Letter> Spencer Jones to Strachan – publication details (1925/12/21)
045:                 Circular lecture by Cameron Swan on Mars (1926/4/7)
046:                 Letter> Printing co. to Spencer Jones – technical details (1926/9/20)
047:                 Blueprint – Articulated Tripod Stand
048:                 Letter> Spencer Jones to Forbes – requesting black and white version of blueprint (look 047) (1926/9/21)
049:                 Letter> Spencer Jones to Schonegevel – request Prof Brown for occultation observations (1927/1/17)
050:                 Letter> Spencer Jones to Troughton – request Prof Brown for occultation observations (1927/1/17)
051:                 Letter> Spencer Jones to Houghton – nomination of Rossiter to Society (1927/01/24)
052:                 Letter> Troughton to Spencer Jones – reply occultations (1927/7/27)
053:                 Letter> Strathmore to Spencer Jones – thank you note (1927/2/11)
054:                 Letter> Dawson to Pilling – request copy JASSA for Finnish Prof. (1927/2/22)
055:                 Letter> Pilling to Dawson – reply JASSA (1927/2/23)
056:                 Letter> Spencer Jones to Houghton – appointment of alternate at Council (1928/5/11)
057:                 Letter> Spencer Jones to Forbes – cheque for membership fees of Obs personal to ASSA (1928/10/29)
058:                 Letter> Spencer Jones to Skewes – request to exchange publications with Armstrong College (1928/12/12)
059:                 Letter> Skewes to Spencer Jones – reply to exchange publications (1928/12/15)





The initial publication of A.S.S.A. was known as the “Journal of the Astronomical Society of South Africa” (JASSA) and appeared in four volumes between 1923 to 1935. Due to financial constraints the publication was ceased.

Editions of JASSA

Volume 1


Volume 2


Volume 3


Volume 4



Journal of the Astronomical Society of South Africa (JASSA): ASSA Collection. BC1506. Manuscripts and Archives Department; University of Cape Town Libraries; University of Cape Town. (Unpublished).
Vol 1 (1923-1925) BC1506. F1.1.
Vol 2 (1926-1930) BC1506. F1.2.
Vol 3 (1931-1935) BC1506. F1.3.
Vol 4 (1935-1939) BC1506. F1.4.


In 1945 the Society revived its publications as the “Minutes of the Astronomical Society of South Africa” (MNASSA). MNASSA is a recognised peer review publication.

Copies of this Journal is not available on this website as we have an agreement with Sabinet. They scanned in and host MNASSA online. Selected articles may also be found at the NASA website.

Since 2010 MNASSA  is available in a digital format and can be downloaded directly from the Society.


The Society has published a variety of books and articles: