ASSA Archive

Both a physical and online archive have been established. Selected items from the physical archive have been scanned in and made available to the public as the digital archive, the index to which follows below.

The physical archive of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa is held at two separate establishments. All the original material such as handwritten minute books are preserved and managed by the special collection archive at the University of Cape Town (UCT). The rest of the material, such as publications of A.S.S.A. are held at the S.A.A.O.

Digital Archive of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa

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Astronomy Societies

Cape Astronomical Association

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Astronomical Society of Southern Africa

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First ASSA Symposium: Cape Town 1992
Second ASSA Symposium: Pretoria 1993
Third ASSA Symposium: Bloemfontein 1995
Fourth ASSA Symposium: Cape Town 1999
Fifth ASSA Symposium: Pretoria 2002
Sixth ASSA Symposium: Johannesburg 2004
Seventh ASSA Symposium: Bloemfontein 2006
Eighth ASSA Symposium: Durban 2008
Ninth ASSA Symposium: Pretoria 2010
Tenth ASSA Symposium: Cape Town 2012