ASSA Symposia

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The Astronomical Society of South Africa (ASSA) hosted it’s first symposium in 1992. This event was suggested by J.A. da Silva Campos during his term as President of ASSA. Due to the success and popularity of the event Council decided that a symposium should be held every second year. Thus the idea of a Bi-Annual Symposium was born. The second symposium was held a year after the first one.

The venue alternates between the Centres of ASSA to try and spread the responsibility as evenly as possible. Sometimes a symposium is scheduled because of special circumstances, such as the 2002 symposium coinciding with a solar eclipse, and the 2012 symposium to coincide with the Cape Centre’s centenary. At the eight symposium held in Durban the concept of a theme was introduced to address topical issues.

The symposia hosted by ASSA (including those based on speciality topics) are: