McIntyre Award

The ASSA Council resolved to establish a prize to be known as the McIntyre Award derived from the interest on the bequest made to the Society by the late Donald G. McIntyre of Cape Town, President of the Society 1933 – 1934.

“Awards shall be made from time to time to any living person in respect of work of good academic standard. Council shall take into account features of originality and of literary presentation. Any work to be published or which has been published in book form or in a journal of recognised standing within the previous five years, may be considered for this award.” [1967MNSSA..26…51A], [1999MNSSA..58…63T]

Recipients of the McIntyre Award

Auke Slotegraaf – 2021
Magda Streicher – 2019 “For having made many significant contributions to MNASSA and Nightfall, and for her books, especially “Astronomy Delights”
Dr. Ian S Glass – 2014 for “Nicolas-Louis de La Caille – Astronomer and Geodesist”
Dr. Ian S Glass – 2003
Emeritus Prof. Brian Warner – 1983 [1983MNSSA..42…17A]
S Goldfarb – 1971
B K Evans – 1971
T J Deeming – 1971
D S Evans – 1971


  • McIntyre Award Winner 1983 (B Warner) [1983MNSSA..42…17A]
  • The McIntyre Bequest [1999MNSSA..58…63T]
  • The McIntyre Award [1967MNSSA..26…51A]