Sighting: 2014 December 25

Hi there

I, along with my father saw a sighting of a red object in the sky on Monday night at around 09h20

What was really strange, (after telling our family), we were called out side as they are seeing a few of these red lights. I originally thought they are pulling my leg, but tonight we saw 5 of these lights, at different speeds, and where one actually darkened enough for us to clearly see a disc shape.

Can anyone explain these? I’ve never seen anything like this, and upon searching online, people as far as Joburg and Montagu have seen the same thing. at the same time in the evening in the Montagu case.

Is this normal???

Dear Simon,

Thank you for your observations and taking the time to report it.

Thus far, no other reports from that region have come in. I would like to confirm the date of the sighting, could you also help with some more details:

An estimate of how much brighter these lights were relative to the bright stars, estimate of altitude (if possible), how long the event lasted, did you notice any sound, were there any colours visible and how the object moved relative to compass points and the horizon.

Kind regards,

Kos Coronaios
ASSA Observing Director