ASSA Scholarships

Recipients of ASSA Scholarships

2016 – Brandon du Preez

2015 – Brandon du Preez

2014 – Freya Bovim

2013 – Emma Platts

2011 – Claire Antel – currently working on her PhD in experimental particle physics at CERN, via Heidelberg University

2008 – Daniel Olivier

2007 – Wendy L Williams – went on to do her PhD on radio galaxies at the University of Leiden; currently (2016) post-doc at University of Hertfordshire

2006 – Wendy L Williams

2005 – Renee Hlozek – went on to do her PhD in observational cosmology at Oxford University, then a post-doc at Princeton; currently (2016) assistant professor of Astronomy at University of Toronto; follow her on Twitter @reneehlozek

2003 – Melissa van Gend

2002 – Melissa van Gend, Chris D de Villiers

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