Tom Lloyd Evans (1941-2014)

Tom Lloyd Evans (May 2014)

Tom Lloyd Evans (May 2014)

Tom Lloyd Evans died on Thursday, 2014 June 12, aged 73.

He was ASSA President (1991 – 1992) and an Honorary Member (since 2001).

Gary Poyner (FRAS) wrote:

“Tom was an honorary member of the BAA having been elected in April 1956. He was an active visual Variable Star observer who reported thousands of observations to both ‘The Astronomer’ Magazine and the AAVSO.
“Tom was a retired professional astronomer affiliated to the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, St. Andrews University Scotland, and spent many years of his working life at the South African Astronomical Observatory in Cape Town. His particular interests were Mira stars and RCB’s. Following his retirement he set up his own personal observatory at his home in St. Andrews, and observed all types of variable stars visually with his Meade 14.
“As editor of the Variable Star pages for ‘The Astronomer’ magazine, I will miss his regular valued monthly reports, his descriptive observations of the weather north of Hadrian’s Wall, and the frustrated e-mails he used to send describing the problems he experienced with his Losmandy Titan mount. I will also miss the short messages from him advising that he had either missed (annoyed) or detected (very pleased) an outburst of his favourite DN – V795 Cyg.
“On behalf of the BAAVSS alert group, I send our sincere condolences to his widow Marlene!”

Willie Koorts (SAAO) wrote:

“Tom was already at SAAO when I started here in May 1987 and saw his retirement and a few subsequent observing trips afterwards as well.”