November 2016

October 2016: NGC 4845

NGC 4845 a Spiral Galaxy

Image of the Month: October 2016: NGC 4845

Image copyright: Dawie Venter

NGC 4845 a Spiral Galaxy
(also known as NGC 4910) is a spiral galaxy located in the constellation Virgo 47 million light years away

The galaxy has a supermassive black hole at its center with a mass of 300,000M⊙{\begin{smallmatrix}M_{\odot }\end{smallmatrix}}. In 2013, the ESA observed the black hole absorbing matter from a nearby, low-mass object; possibly a brown dwarf star. The observed X-ray flare was caught by the ESA’s INTEGRAL telescope.

18 images stacked dark and bios frames subtracted.
60 second exposures at 800 ISO
Telescope: Maksutov-Cassegrain Skywatcher 8 inch F 12
Camera: Canon 60 D modified
Mount: Celestron Advanced VX
Auto guider: Orion Star shoot auto guider
Software: Backyard EOS and Stellarium for star charts
Post image editing: Photoshop


5 thoughts on “Current Image of the Month

    1. Allen Versfeld

      Hi Deon
      I chatted to Simon when he submitted the image, and the camera was not piggyback mounted – just sitting on a regular tripod! He was using quite a fast lens, under very dark skies, so the exposure time didn’t have to be very long.

  1. chris

    Brilliant image, are you using “Photoshop”diffraction spikes?
    Now I hope you come to the observatory sometime in the future.
    We do have superb skies.


    1. Leslie Rose

      Hi Chris, Thanks!, I am glad you like the image.
      I have added the diffraction spikes in Photoshop using a very versatile plug-in called StarSpikes Pro 3.
      Hopefully Santa will bring me a 8″ Ritchey Chretien, then i can also have “real” star spikes :-)

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