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William Optics telescope and Celestron mount

03 Apr 2017

ZS71 picture montage

William Optics Zenithstar 71 telescope and William Optics F6A-Z71 Field Flattener plus Canon T adapter and spacer. Scope in mint condition apart from some mount markings on foot. I’ve had the scope about 18 months, hand carried from London. R12,000.00

Celestron CG5-GT mount. Used but in excellent working condition. Price:   R3,000.00

Seller: Roy Meyer, Melville, Johannesburg



Levenhuk 110-mm apo refractor for sale

Details: Levenhuk 110-mm ED double Apo refractor and accessories for sale.
Two year old refractor, in perfect condition (see photos), comes with an aluminium carry case. Also included are a 2-inch Orion mirror diagonal (99% reflective, never been used), a right angle 50-mm finder-scope, and 10-mm and 25-mm eyepieces. The image of the Orion nebula was taken using this telescope and a Nikon D5500 on a Celestron AVX mount. I will be able to bring it with me to either Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban for inspection and sale.
Price: R 12,500.00
Seller: Lindsay Edwards

Large selection of telescopes and accessories

Details: A wide range of second-hand telescopes and telescope accessories for sale.
The list includes 18 telescopes: Celestron C14, Celestron C5, Celestron Nexstar 102SLT refractor, Meade 8-inch F10 SCT OTA on CG4 GEM, Meade 10-inch LX200GPS, Meade 10-inch 2120 LX3, Meade 14-inch LX200R, Meade 16-inch LX200GPS, Meade Series 5000 80-m ED tripet APO, Obsession 18-inch f/4.5, Skywatcher 6-inch f/5 Achro refractor, Skywatcher Pro 120mm doublet ED APO, Skywatcher Pro 80mm doublet ED APO, Stellarvue AT-1010 80mm achromatic, Towa 339, Unitron 114 refractor, and a 12-inch f/15 Cassegrain on observatory-grade Nasmyth.
Also available are 52 eyepieces, 2 Barlow lenses, 12 diagonals, 11 focal reducers, 8 illuminated reticle eyepieces, 4 collimation tools, 30 filters, 8 visual backs, 14 hardware/adapters, 5 bits of solar observing kit, and 41 miscellaneous items.
Complete list: Download PDF
Price: Please indicate which items you would like, and make an offer.
Seller: Martin Lyons, Somerset West (082 569 3544)

Celestron Nexstar 6SE

Details: “I have a Celestron Nexstar 6SE computerised telescope that I wish to sell for R16,500. I have only used the system a couple of times, so it is still in mint condition. Included in the price is a 14-piece eyepiece and filter set (worth R4,500). The items are available in Stellenbosch.”
Price: R 16,500.
Seller: Jan-Albert Koekemoer (083 461 6643)

Celestron SkyScout – Personal Planetarium

Details: Brand new, in it’s box and never used. More details on Gumtree.
Price: R 3,000.
Seller: Samantha Fishley (Cape Town)

Taurus Tracker III

Details: Taurus Tracker III, dual port model, as new. You will need a T-ring adapter to match your camera. This item is being sold on my behalf by Louis Duarte of Photographic Gear, Cape Town. Tel. 021-447-6276, office hours.
Price: R 2,000 – negotiable.

Astro-Physics Maxbright 2-inch diagonal

Details: Astro-Physics Maxbright 2-inch diagonal. As new, with end caps, still in the box. New price +-320 USDollars.
Price: R 3,700 – slightly negotiable.
Seller: Doug Carlson (Cape Town)

Astro-Physics Starfire 102 apochromatic refractor

Details: Astro-Physics Starfire 102 oil-spaced apochromatic triplet refractor with 2.7-inch focuser. 4-inch Astro-Physics Tube Rings, Fixed non-sliding dew shield with cover, 1.25″ Televue Starbright Diaganol, grey vinyl-covered carrying case, with 1-inch foam (needs some attention), Meade 8×50 finder scope. Eyepieces: Circle T 1.25″ orthoscopic (6, 9, 12.5, 18, and 25) mm plus a 40mm achromatic Huygens. TeleVue equatorial mount, RA and DEC slow motion controls, RA drive with hand controller and battery pack; Astro-physics 8.5″ Dovetail Saddle Plate (DOVELM2) and DOVE8 adapter Plate.
Price includes transportation from Kenya to South Africa.
Price: USD 7 500 o.n.o. (ZAR 90 000 o.n.o.)
Seller: Peter Coventry (Kenya). Email: pete.coventry[AT]

Orion Apex 102-mm Telescope and accessories

Details: Orion Apex 102-mm Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope (FL = 1300mm, f/12.7). 25mm eye piece, Zoom eye piece 21-7mm, Barlow Lens 2x, 90 degree prism, 45 degree prism, Variable Universal Camera Adaptor, T-Mount Adaptor. Price: R3,500 o.n.o. Seller: Howard (Benoni, Gauteng). E-mail: seclex[AT] Mobile: 083 258 5045

Towa 4.5-inch Catadioptric Telescope

Details: Towa catadioptric telescope, 4.5-inch, with adjustable wooden equatorial mount, serial no. 38342, T-adapter, sun and moon filters, made in Japan, purchased in 1992 from the Johannesburg Planetarium. In good condition, a few minor scratches on metal casing, well looked after. Needs collimation. Price: R 1,900 o.n.o. Seller: Nana Wagner. Please SMS 079 604 8164

Meade ETX-90EC system

Details: Meade ETX-90EC with tripod, 90° viewfinder, electronic controller, sundry eye-pieces, Autostar. All in very good condition. Also, a CD containing: Starry Night, Quicktime and ACP (Astronomer’s Control Panel). The instrument and its various attachments are sold as a unit. Price: vicinity R 9,000 Seller: Michael McLeod

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