Star charts and planisphere

Free star charts to download

Discover! the Southern Constellations

This free workbook is ideal for learning all the constellations visible from the southern hemisphere (and for discovering the brighter deep sky objects on your own!). It consists of 25 simple star charts, an example of a page from an observing log, a record sheet for noting star colours, and a deep sky observing checklist.

  Discover! Naked-eye Constellation Workbook


The ConCards (“Constellation Cards”) is a set of handy star charts, one per constellation visible from the southern hemisphere, showing the best deep sky objects.

All the constellations that are at least partially visible from the southern hemisphere are illustrated (Camelopardalis, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Draco and Ursa Minor have been omitted as these are too far north). Each constellation has a fanciful stick figure drawn connect-the-dots style, as well as the official boundaries of the constellation in a bold dashed-line. These boundaries can be used to help you orient the card correctly when you’re still learning to find the constellations using the finder charts.

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Deep Sky Explorer Atlas (south and equatorial)

The Deep Sky Explorer’s Atlas consists of 30 wide-field star charts, from the south pole to declination +45°, showing all stars down to 8th magnitude and over 1 000 deep sky objects. Ideal for those who have mastered the more basic Discover! atlas.

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