Occultation of theta librae

On the 1st September 2014 the Moon occulted the 4th magnitude star theta Librae.
The reports received from three observers are tabled below.

Report from Kos Coronaios

Below are my observations and timing details for the theta Librae occultation on the 1st Sept 2014.

Disappearance dark limb at 17:59:006 UT (19:59:006 SAST).
GPS signal via 8 satellites.
Location: 23, 05.2598 S, 29, 34.8007 E
Equipment: 10-inch SCT
Eyepiece: 26 mm
Magnification: 96x

Occlt theta Librae 1 sept 14-1 (2)

Shooting details:
Model                           Canon EOS 60D
Shutter Speed         1/2 s
F-Number                  f/0
ISO                               ISO 800

Report from Oleg

The disappearance was very nice, I timed it using GPS time signal as reference. For my location (26°07’50.20″ S  28°00’40.60″ E) the star disappeared between 18h01m22.0s  and18h01m22.5s

Image was taken just 3 seconds before the event.


Report from Neville Young

I observed the occultation, but am not sure if my finger hit the LAP button on my android stopwatch at the critical moment. A real stopwatch with tactile feedback would have been better.

Time of Occultation: 20:02:30  +-15 secs due to finger trouble

Location: Pretoria East

Coordinates of my observing site:
25°44’40.88″S   or 25.74416666
28°18’51.43″E    or 28.31416666

I did not see any momentary dimming.

3” refractor, 900mm focal length.
6mm eyepiece = 150 magnification
Driven equatorial mount