International Observe The Moon Night 2014

Saturday, September 06, was International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN), and several groups were out-and-about sharing views of our nearest celestial neighbour, the Moon.


Kos Coronaios writes: “We had clear skies in Louis Trichardt for International Observe the Moon Night as well as a good turnout. The Soutpansberg Astronomy Club setup outside Mike’s Kitchen at Makhado Crossing. The Moon and Saturn were on the agenda on this warm evening with many oohs and aahs at the eyepiece. Many thanks once again to Sarah and James Coronaios for their invaluable help at the Club’s outreach events.”

Henley-on-Klip, Gauteng

Dave and Carol Blane with friends celebrate InOMN observing from their home in Henley-on-Klip, Gauteng.

Johannesburg Observatory

Visitors celebrate InOMN with ASSA Johannesburg Centre in the Papadopoulos Dome. Image by Jerome Jooste.

OOG, Paarl

Carol Botha writes: “The Orion Observation Group gathered at the Taal Monument in Paarl to celebrate International Observe the Moon Night on 6 Sept 2014. The public had their doubts as to whether they would be able to see the Moon due to adverse weather conditions during the day and many cancelled which was a great pity. It turned out to be an enjoyable occasion with members of OOG enthusiastic as ever. Hallo Moon! They had their telescopes focussed on the interesting Moon features that were set out for this year’s event. When everyone was sure that they had seen all the features, even the pin prick Messier craters with the two ejecta rays, the forces of gravity pulled towards Willie Koorts’ new acquisition, where the Moon was being forgotten for a while with a lot of oohs and wows at the eyepiece. Everyone was most impressed when Willie showed the Ring Nebula in bright Moon conditions – a highlight to end a superb evening.”

Saturday, September 06, is International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN), an annual world-wide event to encourage people to “look up” and take notice of our nearest celestial neighbour, the Moon.

In South Africa, the following events are being hosted:

  1. Orion Observasie Groep – Paarl
  2. StarPeople – Somerset West
  3. Soutpansberg Astronomy Club – Louis Trichardt
  4. ASSA Johannesburg Centre – Observatory

Details of these events follow. To add your event to this list, please contact the ASSA Outreach Officer.

Orion Observasie Groep – Paarl

A stargazing picnic with special focus on the Moon will be hosted by the Afrikaans Language Museum/Monument in collaboration with the Orion Observation Group (OOG) The public will get to observe the Moon through telescopes manned by experienced operators. Moon fact sheets/maps will be distributed. All ages welcome. Remember to book! Contact person: Amira Clayton (021) 863-4809.
Find out more: Facebook event

StarPeople – Somerset West

StarPeople will be celebrating InOMN in Somerset West, and we’re inviting everyone to come and have a look at the Moon through our telescopes. We will also be looking at the magnificent planet Saturn with its gorgeous rings, the Big 5 of the African Sky, and other beautiful star clusters and deep-space objects. In case of bad weather the event will necessarily have to be cancelled. It is free to attend.

Venue: Pastorie Road Park, Somerset West (Main Road, opposite Southey’s and SAPS)
Date: Saturday, 2014 September 06
Time: 19:00 to 22:00
Cost: Free
To bring: Warm clothes, chair, blanket, a sense of wonder
Contact: Auke Slotegraaf (auke[at]
On the web: Video – InOMN 2012 at Zevenwacht Mall, Kuilsriver
Hosts: Auke Slotegraaf, Edward Foster, Lynnette Foster, Richard Ford, Johan Brink

Soutpansberg Astronomy Club – Louis Trichardt

InOMN is an annual event that is dedicated to encouraging people to “look up” and take notice of our nearest neighbour, the Moon.   The bright 91% illuminated gibbous Moon will be in a perfect position for spectacular up-close viewing in a telescope or projected onto a screen via live video.  We will also be looking at the planet Saturn, a magnificent sight in any size telescope.

This is the fifth year that the Soutpansberg Astronomy Club will be participating in International Observe the Moon Night and you can find us at the following venue.

Venue: Makhado Crossing, Louis Trichardt (outside Mikes Kitchen)
Date: Saturday, 2014 September 06
Time: 18:00 to 21:00
Cost: Free
Contact: Kos Coronaios (elephantcastle[at]

ASSA Johannesburg Centre – Observatory

The Johannesburg Centre is hosting an event at the Johannesburg Observatory, 18A Gill Street, Observatory, Johannesburg. The Observatory will be open from 18:30.

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