Sighting: 2014 November 19

I am curious to know if you had heard of any sighting of a huge fireball like meteoroid/meteor around Cape Town area at about 1am on Wed 19 Nov ?

I was driving home to Scarborough (34.1983° S, 18.3756° E )that time and just before I reached Misty Cliffs this appeared in the sky to my right, ive seen “shooting stars” before but this thing was a 100 times larger than I had ever seen, it made a huge noise,like a rocket of sorts as it seemed to enter the atmosphere and its long tail stretched from nearly directly above me to the horizon on my right and it lit up the area as if it was daylight for a second or two… I was speechless and in total awe,the whole event could not have lasted more than 4 to 5 seconds.