Sighting: 2014 November 21

21 November 2014. Bright flashing star (flashes green and redish-orange) . South Easterly direction. I live in Vanrhynsdorp Western Cape. I’ve seen this a few years ago, and for the first time again tonight. Is this a star or a planet? Would really like to know…

Report back, Kos Coronaios:
Thank you for taking the time to report this event. What you possibly saw were aircraft navigation lights.

If I recall correctly from my flying days, the wing tip nav lights (red on the port side & green, starboard) as well as the white tail light do not flash unless the aircraft is above a certain all up weight. I think this was around 12 000 lb, then they do flash and alternate with a white light. Either way, flashing or not, these are probably aircraft wingtip nav lights. From your report it looks like the object could be traveling towards you as there is no mention of a white light.

Kind regards,

ASSA Observing Director