Sighting: 2014 November 28

Shallow Sky Director, Dave Blane sent in report from Lyndall Gree.
This daytime sighting made by Lyndall Green.
Date : 28th November 2014
Time : between 14h31 and 14h32
Location : Traveling by car from JHB on the R59 about 10km from Parys

Comments verbatim:

The full tail must have been about double the length in the photo.
I saw it for about 30 seconds before it disappeared.
There was no explosion, it just fizzled out.
The tail faded away from the top part to the part closest to the earth then it just disappeared quite quickly.  I was surprised how quickly it completely disappeared considering how long it had been in the sky.

Report back, Greg Roberts:
My impression is that its an aircraft vapour trail – to disprove or otherwise does the airways corridoor pass over this area ?

30 seconds is too long for a meteor.

From the short description it appears it was moving relatively slowly so I think this rules out a satellite re-entry, so all things considered I am pretty sure its a vapour trail. Also will explain why disappeared.Object traveling top to bottom. Probably a brief patch of atmosphere with sufficient moisture to briefly support generation of a vapour trail and then quickly disappears after aircraft passage.