Sighting: 2014 September 15

I was in De Wet road, Goodwood.

I’ve tried getting the coordinates on google maps, but not luck.
The object was round in shape. The centre was dark orange, with the outer a lighter shade of orange. It left no trail behind. (I couldn’t see if it left a smoke trail, as it was dark already). It was brighter than the stars and the moon, but could be looked at with the naked eye. As I faced the direction of Table Mountain, it moved from the West to the East. The object was moving at a medium speed. Nothing like the usual “shooting star”, which I’ve seen many times. I have also seen many satellites moving in the past. This was nothing like it! It also made a sound, like that of a blow torch. It lasted for about 30 seconds or so. I’m an aviation enthusiast, so I’m very certain it was no aircraft. It was also not on any of the approach routes of CT Intl. The sound initially caught my attention, which led me to look up. It’ was amazing, like something out of the movies! It was a crystal clear fire ball. My girlfriend’s dad and sister saw it as well.



Hi Roshan,

Report back, Kos Coronaios:

Your report was posted on to the ASSA Discussion group, below is one of the comments:

Hi all,
I am not sure if a fireball can last for 30 seconds or Chinese lantern can make a loud sound, so, from me- no.
But I’d like to say, that about a week ago I observed a similar object again (bright orange, round but silent), moved from South to North. It moves quite steadily, I saw it for about two minutes. Angular speed compares with the ISS, but it is definitely much lower, I would say few kms or 10s of kms above the ground, it’s hard to estimate without knowing it’s size. The next day my wife saw the same while driving in the car in the evening.
Get your cameras handy, we need to photograph this to get an answer.

Have a look at this link as well:

I think we can safely rule out any satellite passes or high altitude fuel dumps that you might have witnessed. No other reports have come in from the region will keep you posted if any come in.