A selection of sketches by Carol Botha

Deep-sky Newsletter, 2014 January

Deep-sky observer Carol Botha (Cape Town) has collected a medley of sketches of some of the finest deep-sky objects visible in South African skies.

The sketches show her impressions of the objects as seen through a 12-inch Dobsonian; her descriptions and comments can be found on DOCdb.net, where you can also read her brief bio.

This latest batch brings Carol’s total of sketches up to 44, a remarkable achievement!

Deep-sky sketches by Carol Botha

The 25 objects in this collection are are NGC 55, NGC 224, NGC 253, NGC 288, NGC 300, NGC 598, NGC 1535, NGC 3132, NGC 3242, NGC 3293, NGC 3918, NGC 5189, NGC 6093, NGC 6121, NGC 6205, NGC 6388, NGC 6397, NGC 6496, NGC 6523, NGC 6618, NGC 6656, NGC 6720, NGC 6752, NGC 6809, and NGC 6853.