Big 5 of the African Sky honour roll

Congratulations to the following observers who have recorded the Big 5 of the African Sky and submitted their observations!

Mark Burkhardt

Mark Burkhardt, an ASSA Country Member living in Potchefstroom and hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the USA, has previously seen three of the Big Five from the Winter Star Party in the Florida Keys, USA.

He has enjoyed amazing views of the northern Milky Way: “The Best view I ever had of the Milky Way galaxy is from Cherry Springs State Park in Northern Pennsylvania, USA. It stretches from horizon to horizon and sometimes even casts a shadow. Cherry Springs is part of the International Dark Sky Preserves List.”

Of the Coalsack, Mark writes: “One of the objects other than the Clouds & 47 Tuc that I was looking forward to observing when I moved to South Africa was the Coalsack Nebula. The first time I ever saw it was during loadshedding and I could actually see it naked eye … [which] is amazing because you see nebula and then ‘nothing’.”