Nightfall (Vol 2, No 1, 2017 October)

Table of contents

Magda Streicher • Memorable Visit to the Canary Islands
Susan Young • Sand & Stars: A Bevy of Galaxies in Pavo
Dale Liebenberg • Astro-image of the Month: NGC 4945
Barbara Cunow • The Jack Bennett Catalogue in One Montage
Observing Catalogs & Resources
Cloud Avoidance 101 • Online Observing
Free Downloadable Sky Atlases • Toshimi Taki, Micharl Vlasov, José Tòrrés
Live from La Silla • 24/7 webcams – La Silla, VLT Paranal
Dr. Ian Glass • Visit to La Silla 1990
Meanwhile, over on the Chajnantor Plateau • ALMA
Deeper Deep-Sky
Galaxies in Cosmic Voids • Markarian 1477
And Yet It Rises • The Phoenix Dwarf Galaxy
Riding with the Valkyries • A Nightfall observer’s challenge list: O runaway stars
Legacy Library • Revisiting Key Papers from the Past
Fritz Zwicky • On the Masses of Cluster of Nebula, 1937
What’s New in the Literature
Young Africans in Astronomy • Eckhart Spaulding, astrobites

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