QZ Carinae

18 April 2022, David Blane

I recently participated in a mammoth international collaboration to improve our understanding of the enigmatic multi-star system, QZ Carinae. I am pleased to report that the paper has been accepted by Astronomy & Astrophysics and will be published in due course. This is the third publication on this eclipsing binary system we have published in recent years!

Towards a consistent model of the hot quadruple system HD 93206 = QZ Carinae – I. Observations and their initial analyses
P. Harmanec, P. Zasche, M. Brož, R. Catalan-Hurtado, B.N. Barlow, W. Frondorf, M. Wolf, H. Drechsel, R. Chini, A. Nasseri, A. Pigulski, J. Labadie-Bartz, G.W. Christie, W.S.G. Walker, M. Blackford, D. Blane, A.A. Henden, T. Bohlsen, H. Božić, J. Jonák
Abstract: The hot nine-component system HD 93206, which contains a gravitationally bounded eclipsing Ac1+Ac2 binary (P=5.9987~d) and a spectroscopic Aa1+Aa2 (P=20.734~d) binary can provide~important insights into the origin and evolution of massive stars. Using archival and new spectra, and a~rich collection of ground-based and space photometric observations, we carried out a detailed study of this object… (download PDF preprint from arXiv)