Paraskevopoulos J.S.

PARASKEVOPOULOS,  John Stefanos [Dr]

Professional Astronomer

Born: 20 June 1889, Greece
Died:15 March 1961


In brief :
Famous for:
Director of
Boyden Observatory (1923 – 1951)
-Arequipa (Astronomer in charge 1923 – 1927)
-Bloemfontein (1927 – 1951)

Historical background :
John  Stefanos Paraskevopoulos was born in Greece on 20 June 1889. He was a graduate of Athens University, a  corresponding member of the Greek Academy, and also a Knight of the Order of Phoenix – as well as being a noted astrophysicist.
In  1923 Dr John Stefanos Paraskevopoulos had become astronomer in  charge of the first Boyden Observatory in Arequipa, Peru. In July 1927 he came to Mazelspoort (Bloemfontein, South Africa), together with his wife, who was also an astronomer.  They made the final survey of the qualities  of the terrain as a proper site for the new Boyden Observatory.
The first equipment was shipped over at once and the first observations  from the new Boyden station were made in September 1927.
Paraskevopoulos was officially appointed Director.
Paraskevopoulus remained Director until 1951; his was a long and highly  successful regime.
No  official Director was appointed after Paraskevopoulos’s retirement  & subsequent death on 15 March 1961.

Graduated  at Athens University.
Member of the Greek Academy.
1923 – 1927: Astronomer in Charge (Director) of Boyden Observatory, Arequipa.
1927 – 1951: Director of  Boyden Observatory, Bloemfontein.
1951:  Retired
.Honours bestowed upon Paraskevopoulos:
-Knight of the Order of Phoenix.
1889 June 20: Born in Greece.
1951: Retired.
1961 March 15: Died


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Remaining Artifacts:
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Smits, P., A Brief History of Astronomy in Southern Africa. (Unpublished).
By Paraskevopoulos

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Paraskevopoulos in his study.
Source: Friends of Boyden Observatory

Paraskevopoulos on the veranda of his house.
Source: Friends of Boyden Observatory

The construction site of the Rockefellar Telescope.
Source: Friends of Boyden Observatory