Thackeray A.D.


Professional Astronomer


In brief :
Famous for:
Director of
Radcliffe Observatory 1951 – 1974.
Specialised  in stellar spectroscopy. Did photometry on magnitude stars.

Historical background :
Thackeray joined the
Radcliffe Observatory in 1948 as Chief assistant. He worked on photographic photometry of elliptical galaxies and published a photographic catalogue of planetary nebulae in collaboration with David Evans. [Obituary – MNASSA, p.6]
In 1951 Thackeray became director of Radcliffe Observatory until 1974.


Graduated  from Cambridge.
Post graduate works at Mount Wilson in California.
Return to Cambridge.
1948 – 1951: Chief Assistant at Radcliffe.
1951 – 1974: Director of Radcliffe.
1974 April: Retired.
He was good friends with Cyril Jackson (colleague from Yale Observatory) and on his free time observed at Jackson’s private observatory named Hilltop. [Communication with Cyril Jackson’s son Paul via Magda Streicher 4/2005]


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Remaining Artifacts:
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By Thackeray
Photographic Catalogue of planetary nebulae with David Evans.

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Thackeray-01rStaff at Radcliffe Observatory, circa 1963. Left to right, A.J. Wesselink, A.D. Thackeray and M.W. Feast. All three were past-Presidents of A.S.S.A. and Feast later became the second director of the S.A.A.O.
Source: Smits [unpublished]; MNASSA 1995, p.85.


Thackeray is in the middle, with Cyril Jackson to his left and Karl Henize to his right.
Bloemfontein c. 1950. Source: MNASSA 1989, Vol. 48, No. 7, p. 66.