Grubb 8-inch

Grubb 8 inch Telescope

This 8 inch telescope was used at the Natal Observatory.  The telescope was bought by Harry Escombe in 1882 as a gift to the observatory. It was mainly used by Nevill until the observatory closed down in 1911. The last astronomer known to have used the telescope was Dr. Cousins who used it in the 1940’s. In the 1950’s the tube of the telescope and the Natal Observatory metal dome were sold as scrap metal and smelted down.

The optics of the telescope, specifically the 8 inch lens of the refractor was saved by the then secretary of the local astronomy society. He had a wooden box made to protect the lens and stored it “safely” in a cupboard in his garage. He went away with friends for the weekend and his wife used the opportunity to do a bit of spring cleaning. The lens was traced to an auctioneer in Zambia where the trail ends. The current location is unknown. [Personal communication with Andrew Gray; CL]