Lamont-Hussey Photo Gallery: Aerial Views

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LH_Aerial-03Aerial photo of Lamont-Hussey Observatory situated on Naval Hill. The words Bloemfontein was added to the photo and the arrow points towards the town centre, as the Observatory is on a hill surrounded by the city. The emblem of the White Horse is a well known feature of Naval Hill. Commentary by P Seitzer; “Undated and no indication of who the photographer was.  Probably from one of Slipher’s trips to Lamont-Hussey in the 1950s, since Henize’s shelter is evident.”
Courtesy: Archives of the Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, AZ. Source: P Seitzer.

LH_Aerial-04rAerial View of Naval Hill in Bloemfontein with the Lamont-Hussey Observatory.
Source: A.S.S.A. Archives: Peter Smits Collection.

Lamont Hussey in 2006
Photo Credit: C de Coning

Lamont Hussey in 2006
Photo Credit: C de Coning

Naval Hill with Lamont-Hussey Observatory as seen from the West.
Date unknown. Source: Unknown