CPC 50


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Cape Photographic Catalogue 1950.0 (CPC 50)

In Brief:

Observatories involved: Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope
Instruments: Used the “old” blue corrected Astrographic camera, alternatively attached to the Astrometric and Victoria telescopes.Duration: ? to 1968



Description: The Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope was involved with a variety of international projects to catalogue the sky by means of photographic maps. First came the Cape Photographic Durchmustering (CPD), then the Carte du Ciel (CdC). As the CPC was phased out, the Observatory became involved with a similar but a more limited project, the Cape Photographic Catalogue 1950.0. This was a photographic catalogue of the Southern sky, using a blue corrected camera, covering the sky to -30 degrees (CPC only went to – 40 degrees).




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