Photometry & Spectroscopy Section

Section Director: Percy Jacobs
Activity Areas: Photometry, Spectroscopy
Specialists & Collaborators (Photometry): Dave Blane, Tim Cooper, Chris Middleton, Berto Monard
Specialists & Collaborators (Spectroscopy): Tim Cooper, Dr. Ian Glass
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Here you will find links to software, tutorials, resources and more for CCD, DSLR and PEP photometry. To learn more about photometry follow this link to the Photometry page


Here you will find links to software, tutorials, resources,  low resolution spectra Fits files and more to get you started with spectroscopy. Low resolution spectra FITS files of different types of stars will be placed on this page and will be updated from time to time. This is to allow one to learn the processing of spectra without the need for a telescope, camera or spectrograph.
To learn more about spectroscopy follow the link to the Spectroscopy page


if you’d like more information regarding either photometry or spectroscopy please contact us.