The ASSA NEO-Watch Programme

This project was concluded in 2016 June.
These pages are retained for archival purposes only and are not updated.

Priority targets

Urgent observations of the following asteroids are required:

  • 2004 BL86 ¬†close approach on January 26

For a Guide to observing this event please go here: Asteroid Watch Bulletin No 1

General targets

Observations are also required of the following asteroids:

Asteroid Close approach date
162004 (1991 VE) 2015-Jan-17
(2011 EU29) 2015-Jan-22
2062 Aten 2015-Jan-23
357439 (2004 BL86) 2015-Jan-26 (see priority request above)
(1998 GL10) 2015-Feb-01
(2011 WK15) 2015-Feb-12
(2013 BK18) 2015-Feb-12
(2009 AM15) 2015-Feb-25
138127 (2000 EE14) 2015-Feb-27
90416 (2003 YK118) 2015-Feb-27

Recent results

  • There are currently no new results

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