Nightfall (No 1, 2015 April)

Table of contents

[1] Editorial
[2] News Notes
[8] Three in: Carina by Dave Blane & Auke Slotegraaf
[19] E3 — A curious globular cluster in Chamaeleon by Douglas Bullis
[28] Heartbeat of a Unicorn — Exploring the fascinating but often overlooked constellation of Monoceros by Carol Botha
[31] Birth of a Deep-Sky Marathon — A report from the 2014 Free State Star Party, with guidelines and recommendations for conducting a deep-sky observing marathon by Hannes & Pieter Pieterse
[50] At My Eyepiece — Veteran deep-sky observer Magda Streicher gives us a look at how she observes. by Magda Streicher
[56] Deep-Sky Projects
[57] Photo Gallery
[59] On The Cover
[appendix] Big 5 of the African Sky

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Deep-Sky News Notes

“Three in: Carina” by Dave Blane & Auke Slotegraaf

“E 3 – What are Yellow Stragglers?” by Douglas Bullis


Further reading

At the Eyepiece, “Heartbeat of a Unicorn”

“Birth of a Deep-Sky Marathon”, by Hannes and Pieter Pieterse