Ninth ASSA Symposium 2010

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The Ninth ASSA Symposium was held on 7th to 9th October 2010 at the Silverton Campus of the Council of Geosciences near Pretoria.

Light and Spectrum Pollution.

Symposium Organising Committee:
Andrie van der Linde (Chairman)

Summary of the symposium and programme:
Call for papers:  assa_symp_2010-call_papers
Provisional Programme:  program_2010
Report Back on Symposium:  assa_symp_2010-report
List of Attendees:  Delegates
Curriculum Vitae of the Speakers:

Talks given at the Symposium:


  • Prof Phil Charles; “SALT”:
    Paper: not available
  • Dr Hubert Ribbens; “Techniques to Observe and Analyze Celestial Objects and Phenomena:.
    Paper: not available
  • Hendrik van Heerden; “The Boyden Observatories Museum”.
    Paper:  Boyden_vHeerden
  • Johan Smit; “The Dark Side of Light – Light and Spectrum Pollution”
    Paper: not available
  • Michael Poll; “Astronomy and Cartoons”
    Paper: not available
  • Barbara Cunow;
    Paper: not available
  • Allan Versfeld; “Astronomy Outreach in the Digital Age”.
    Paper: not available
  • Case Rijksdijk; “Stellar Evolution”.
    Paper: not available
  • Prof Matie Hoffman; “Assessment of the Expected Impact on Observing Conditions at Boyden Observatory of light pollution associated with new developments in the area:”
    Paper: not available
  • Heinrich Bauermeister; “Evolution of the KAT antennae”.
    Paper: not available
  • Danie Barnardo; “Impact craters and Tswaing:”.
    Paper: not available
  • Michael Neale; “SA involvement in utilising space resources:”.
    Paper: not available
  • Case Rijksdijk; “Reporting science”.
    Paper: not available
  • Prof Derck Smits; “Cosmic Masers”.
    Paper: not available