Nightfall, ASSA publication

Nightfall is an official ASSA publication – and is yours to enjoy for free. Click on the thumbnail to download the issue (Note: the files are 50-100mb in size).
If you want to peruse these issues before downloading, drop down to the list of issues in text found below these thumbnails. Click on any issue and you can read (and download) the issue from ASSA’s Google Drive for Nightfall and Special Report.

Nightfall #7 Vol 4.2 Oct 2020

Nightfall #8 Vol 5.1 Sep 2021

Nightfall #4 Vol 3.1 Jan 2019

Nightfall #5 Vol 3.2 Apr 21019

Nightfall #6 Vol 4.1 Jun 2020

Nightfall #1 Vol 2.1 Oct 2017

Nightfall #2 Vol 2.2 Feb 2018

Nightfall #3 Vol 2.3 Oct 2018

Special Reports

Special-Report #10 Cameos on Black Velvet

Special Report #11 Why do Galaxies Make Bars

Special Report #12 Resource Guide for Astronomy Education

Special Report #7 Classic Rich Field

Special Report #8 UGC 12588

Special Report #9 Astrophotography of Yolanda Combrink

Special Report #4 Seeing the Dark

Special Report #5 Winds of Change over Aquila

Special Report #6 On the Trail of the Chameleons Tail

Special Report #1 The Oldest Star Chart in the World

Special Report #2 Riding with the Valkyries

Special Report #3 Magellan’s Ghost

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Nightfall – view on-line

Special Reports – view on-line

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