Natal Centre of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa

History / Minutes / Constitution

History of the Natal Centre.

 Minutes of the meetings.
The documents are part of the Archive of A.S.S.A. The original documents of the digital copies available here are curated on behalf of A.S.S.A. by the Special Collections Archive of the University of Cape Town. The original documents can be viewed by appointment. The A.S.S.A. manuscripts are indexed as BC1506
The Minutes of the Natal Centre are bound in a series of books.which were digitized.

Twentieth Century
1920’s; 1930’s; 1940’s; 1950’s; 1960’s; 1970’s; 1980’s; 1990’s

Twenty First Century
2000; 2010



The National Society is governed by it’s constitution. The Centres of A.S.S.A. does not have their own constitutions as they fall under the Constitution of Council.The Natal Centre drafted a constitution in 1975. It is not clear why they did it as they are part of ASSA and as such fall under the National Constitution of the mother body. This constitution was never imposed.

Constitution of 23 July 1975: natal_constitution_1975
(Source: A.S.S.A. Archive; Box “Constitution”)