Tenth ASSA Symposium 2012

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The Tenth ASSA Symposium was held on the 12th to 14th October 2012 on the premises of the South African Astronomical Observatory (S.A.A.O.) in Cape Town.

Looking Forward – Looking Back

Symposium Organising Committee:


Summary of the symposium and programme:
Announcement:  the-biannual-assa-symposium-2012
Call for papers:
Provisional Programme:  final-programme-symposium-2012
Report Back on Symposium:  2012mnassa-71-oct-symposium
Curriculum Vitae of the Speakers:

Talks given at the Symposium:

Original Website hosted by Auke Slotegraaf listing the talks at the Symposium:  http://www.psychohistorian.org/display_article.php?id=201210290905_assa_symposium2012

Workshop on Astrophotography by Dale Liebenberg:

 Closing remarks, by Ian Glass

Poster Paper:

Attendees at Symposium: