Telescope Makers

For more information about the telescope manufacturers and their telescopes as used in Southern Africa.


Optical Telescopes
Very OldSmaller than 50-cm (20-inch)50-cm to 1-meterLarger than 1-meter;
Transit Instruments; Solar Telescopes; Miscellaneous

Gamma Ray Telescopes
Radio Dishes

Optical Telescopes

Very old telescopes

Herschel 7-ft
Herschel 14-ft
Herschel 20-ft 
Lacaille 0.5-inch
Tachard 12-ft

Telescopes smaller than 50-cm (20-inches)

Small Telescopes
ASSA Pretoria 30-cm / 12-inch
Astrographic Refractor  33-cm / 13-inch
Clark Refractor 33-cm / 13-inch
Cooke 20-cm / 8-inch
Cox-Hargreaves 45-cm / 18-inch
Dollond 7.62-cm / 3-inch
Franklin Adams 25-cm / 10-inch
Franklin-Adams twin
Gill 30-cm / 12-inch
Grubb 15-cm / 6-inch
Grubb 20-cm / 8-inch
Hamburg Schmidt 36-cm / 14-inch
9-cm /  3.½ -inch
Mertz 18-cm / 7-inch
Metcalf Triplet 25-cm / 10-inch
Nishimura 41-cm / 16-inch
Reunert 23-cm / 9-inch
Rockefeller Twin 40-cm / 16-inch
Watson 10-cm / 4-inch

Telescopes between 50-cm and 1-m

ADH Baker Schmidt 91-cm / 36-inch
Alan Cousins Telescope (APT)
75-cm / 30-inch
Bruce 61-cm / 24-inch
Boller and Chivens 50-cm / 20-inch
Flux   (Dutch Telescope) 90-cm / 36-inch
Grubb 75-cm / 30-inch
Innes 67-cm / 26.5-inch
Lamont Hussey 69-cm / 27-inch
McClean (Victoria)  61-cm / 24-inch // 46-cm / 18-inch
Steavenson  76-cm / 30-inch
Yale Parallax Refractor 66-cm / 26-inch

Telescopes 1-m and larger

Boyden (Rockefeller) 1.5m / 60-inch 
Elizabeth 1-m / 40-inch
IRSF 1.4-m / 55-inch
Radcliffe 1.9-m / 74-inch 
SALT  11m

Transit Instruments:

Airy Transit Instrument
Bradley Zenith Sector
Dollond Transit Instrument
Fallows Mural Circle
Fallows Transit Instrument
Galpin Transit Instrument
Greenwich Mural Circle
Jones Mural Circle
Gill Reversible Transit Circle 15-cm / 6-inch
Troughton & Simms Transit 8-cm / 3-inch

Solar Telescopes – Heliometers

Boyden Celeostat 20-cm / 8-inch
Dallmeyer Photoheliograph
Dun Echt Heliometer 10-cm / 4-inch
Heliograph 10-cm / 4-inch
Lyot Heliograph
Repsold Heliometer 17-cm / 7-inch

Miscellaneous telescopes

Indian Theodolite
Stellar Photo Instrument

Gamma Ray Astronomy

HESS Gamma Ray
Potchefstroom GammaRay

Radio Astronomy Dishes

NOTE: A change in the designation (name) of telescopes took place in the 1970s with the creation of the South African Astronomical Observatory (S.A.A.O.). A few years prior, South Africa converted to the decimal system.  Previously telescopes used to be referred to by their names e.g. Elizabeth telescope; or by their diameter in inches, e.g. 40 inch telescope.  In documentation from the 1970s onwards the telescopes are referred to by their diameter in the decimal system, e.g. 100-cm telescope. All the above examples refer to the same instrument.   All the telescopes discussed were commissioned to be built, i.e. they were custom made. Mass produced telescopes will only be mentioned in the appropriate place, but no space will be allocated to them in the section telescopes. (e.g. modern mass-produced Meade and Celestron telescopes.)